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Guess what? I've just been scheduled for surgery for my reflux on Monday. This Monday. I called the doc's office today -- he had called me Wednesday about a pH test I had taken. You swallow a slim tube and wear a pH monitor for 24 hours to measure the acid in your esophagus. It was yucky. I had to do it twice, once while on my reflux meds, and a second time, recommended by the thoracic surgeon, after I was off meds for 10 days. I was terrified to go off the medication because things were pretty painful, but, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Anyway, he thought surgery might help. My 'regular' doctor, a gastroenterologist that I don't care for much, still won't commit either way. So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I called and let the surgeon's office know, and they called back and said they had a cancellation on Monday so I took it.

Tuesday is our anniversary. Which is fine, since we didn't have plans anyhow. I think I was supposed to make them... hmmm. It will be, I have to think, 19 years. Wow. Flip us over, we're both done.

I had to reschedule my haircut, which is not so fine since I REALLY need a haircut. Badly I need a haircut. Oh so badly.


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