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I'm almost done with my work day and it's been so busy I need to take a mental time out. So, you get me, you lucky people.

Anyone know any good Stargate SG1 fic? Or where I can find some? Please?

The boy and I went to the dentist yesterday and got good reports. Yay! Franboy has been doing a good job of keeping his teeth clean under all those braces he has. Seeing as how we had just had our check up and our teeth cleaned, we immediately headed to Taco Bell to dirty them.

My poor student worker, D, is having issues - she got married about a year ago and is now not so happy about it. She's been talking to me about it, which is fine, but I'm just me and not qualified to guide someone along. OTOH, I'm not her mother but old enough to be her mother and sometimes it helps to just talk to someone older who isn't as close as family. If that makes sense. I'd been wondering if/when her unhappiness would come - I can see her struggling with many of the same things I did with exMrfran. Her husband is not a bad guy, but seems to be stuck in non-adulthood in some ways.

I have a tentative camping trip planned for mid September with my friend, T. We'll just be going for two nights mid-week. He's never, that's *never* been camping. How is that even possible?

In other news, I have ordered a top from LL Bean in a color I don't normally get. I'm stretching my boundaries. It's cream colored. Really. Go me. :)


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