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There looks to be a good XF story here, but, it has a movie spoiler thing, so, be warned:

I wanted to read it but can't yet. Movie tonight. Big date. (Not really.)

Bad: My yard is a mess. It needs lots of attention. I have too many half done projects.

Good: XF movie tonight. Yay!

Bad: I've been having lots of stupid pain - aching joints, feet hurting, migraines. Fatigue. I never can tell if I'm sick, or if it's my fibromyalgia, or one of the other numerous annoying physical things I have going on.

Good: I have pain killers. Yay! And I've started going to the acupuncturist again for the migraines. He made me some tea to take, too, and so far, I haven't had a migraine in over a week. This is much better than the previous 10 day period, when I had THREE of them. Stupid headaches.

Bad: I had ice cream the other day. I'm not supposed to. Processed sugar is bad for my annoying physical things.

Good: I totally had ice cream!

Bad: I have to go in for an MRI tomorrow. I'm deathly afraid of getting MRIs. I'm claustrophobic.

Good: I really do need the MRI, and, I'll be drugged, and, a friend is coming along to literally hold my hand. Plus drive me to and from, since, you know, I'll be drugged. Plus, I like holding his hand.

Righteous: I have a henna tattoo on my left arm. I am soooo cool!


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